How To Discard Old Appliances

Did your oven kick the bucket during your last Thanksgiving dinner? Has your washing machine washed its last sock? Or maybe you upgraded your furnace or air conditioner to a more energy-efficient model? Whatever the case, big appliances do reach the end of their lifespan. This begs the question – what do you do with them when they do? How can you responsibly discard those dishwashers or water heaters that you no longer need? Here’s what you need to know to best handle this situation.

Don’t take them apart

It may be tempting, but don’t take appliances apart so that you can repurpose them or put them in the trash. Many appliances can contain toxic or dangerous materials that need to be handled properly.

Sell or donate the appliance

Just because you no longer need your appliance doesn’t mean it can’t be used by someone else. If your appliance is still in working condition or can be repaired, then consider selling it or donating it. Many people looking to save money are eager to purchase secondhand appliances. You can list them online for sale on websites such as CraigsList, Nextdoor, or Facebook Marketplace. And some charities will accept donated appliances for resale.

Bundle the removal

If you purchased a new appliance to replace the old one, then the retailer may offer removal services. In many cases, they may remove your old appliance when they install your new one. Some stores may charge a separate fee, while others may include this for free as part of their service. Be sure to check when you make the purchase.

Check with your municipality

Some municipalities may have programs in place to help residents properly dispose of used appliances. Check with your city to see if they offer appliance collection or recycling for large appliances. In some cases, you may need to schedule a pick-up ahead of time. In others, you may be able to leave your appliance at the curb with other trash. Some cities may charge for this service while others may offer it for free.

Check with your utility company

Some utility companies may pay you for your old appliances. This is especially true for refrigerators and freezers. Contact your utility company to see if they offer any programs that will pay you to unload your old appliances.

Hire a junk removal company

Another option for unloading an old appliance is to hire a junk removal company. While this option can be the easiest, it is often the most costly. Check with different junk removal companies in your area to compare prices before you commit.

Rent a Dumpster

Finally, if you have more than one appliance to discard, then it may be smart to rent a Dumpster. This is a great choice if you’re renovating an entire home and have other junk that needs to be thrown out. Just load all your unwanted items into the Dumpster and let the company know when you’re finished. They will then haul the Dumpster and its contents away.

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