Must-Have Items on Moving Day

Must-Have Items on Moving Day

Moving day is likely to be one of the more stressful and hectic days of your life. No matter how much you prepare, you’ll always be faced with unanticipated challenges like a mover being late or a weather forecast that calls for a downpour. While you can’t control everything, you can take some small steps to make it more manageable. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of must-have items that you’ll be glad you have on moving day. Get these things together and have them in a place that’s easy to locate and access throughout the day.

Permanent markers

You can never, ever have enough permanent markers on moving day. There will always be some last-minute boxes that need packing, or one that was never labeled. Those markers will be indispensible as you hurriedly make notes to yourself and the movers about the contents of each box and where the boxes go.

Plastic bags

If you have the kind of furniture that requires assembly, then you know how many little pieces are involved. Do yourself a favor and have a couple of boxes of plastic bags that zip close on moving day. You can put all those little items together and use your permanent markers to write on the bag what furniture they go with.


You probably think you’ve already purchased enough packing tape for your move. Go ahead and buy a couple more rolls, just to be safe. There will always be those last-minute boxes that need to be secured, and you don’t want to run out of tape. While you’re at it, spring for one of the good tape dispensers. The time and irritation it will save you will be worth it.

Dolly or other wheeled device

Picking up and carrying boxes gets old really fast. Either rent or buy a dolly (or two) to have on moving day. Dollies make it so much easier to move more than one box at a time, saving you precious energy on moving day.


You probably thought you had already taken everything apart. But you’d be wrong. There’s a good chance you’ll need a screwdriver, pliers, hammer or other essential tool on moving day. Keep a small toolbox handy stocked with your most-used items. You will thank yourself later.

Trash bags

It’s surprising how much trash you can still generate after all your boxes have been packed. You’ll need something to throw those pizza boxes in, or that stash of old newspapers you forgot about in the basement. Trash bags also double as packing devices in a pinch. They’re great for moving pillows, blankets, and clothes.

Toilet paper

Finally – don’t forget to have a couple of rolls of toilet paper on hand. Not only can you use it for its intended purpose, but you can also use it for last minute cleaning and as cushioning in a packing box. Be sure to stow another roll or two in your bag to take with you to your new house.

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