Save Money on Moving Costs

Are you getting ready to start fresh in a new house? Congratulations! That’s a big achievement and a milestone to celebrate. But before you pop that champagne cork, you need to think about the next big step – moving. Packing up and moving from one house to another can be stressful and expensive. That’s why we’re here to share our secrets about how you can save money on your next move. And with the money you saved, maybe you can splurge on an expensive bottle of your favorite bubbly to celebrate!

Don’t move what you don’t need or want

You will save money if you don’t move what you don’t need. You’ll need fewer boxes and supplies to pack up your stuff. It will take less time for movers to move your stuff. And if you’re shipping by weight, you’ll have a lighter load to send. All this adds up to savings in your pocket. So it pays to spend time as you’re packing up to determine what you no longer need. Then toss, sell, or donate those items.

Move during the off-season

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably getting ready to move in the near future. That’s good news because you’ll save money if you move during the off-season. In most places, that means October through April. There is less demand for moving services in the off-season, so many companies drop their prices to lure customers. Use that to your advantage.

Reuse packing supplies

We know that it’s convenient to just buy the boxes you need and be done with it. But boxes and other moving supplies can really add up, especially if you purchase them from the moving company. Instead, try to find secondhand boxes that still have life left in them. Many stores will be happy to give you the boxes they would otherwise break down and recycle. You can also search online for people who are giving away their moving boxes. Use newspaper and other recycled paper to cushion packages, and save any packing materials you get when you have things shipped to you. You’ll probably still need to buy packing tape, but you’ll save money if you shop around for bulk packages.

Pack yourself

If you have the money for a full-service moving company, then go for it! There’s nothing like letting someone else pack up all your stuff and move it. But if you’re trying to save some money, then consider packing your boxes yourself. You can then hire a moving company to simply move the boxes to your new location.

Shop around

Finally, you should definitely shop around when using the services of a moving company. Get quotes from multiple movers – at least three. Take into account whether or not they do an in-person or video inspection of what you’ll be moving. Some moving companies may give you a low quote only to charge you more on the day of the move because you have more stuff than they estimated. Also, be sure to research moving companies so you don’t fall victim to a scam.

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