What Pandemic Homebuyers Want

What Pandemic Homebuyers Want

As we come to terms with the idea that we may be spending most of our time at home this winter, it’s going to change what we need from our homes. The desire for more space is driving buyers into the real estate market. As a seller, are you tapped into the kinds of upgrades and amenities they’re looking for? Here’s a look at which home improvements you should consider when you put your home on the market.

Functional working space

With so many of us working from home and going to school online, it’s a no-brainer that homebuyers are looking for functional working spaces. This includes private spaces where multiple people can be on calls or video conferences at the same time. If your home doesn’t already have a home office, then it’s time to think creatively. Are there areas in your home that could be converted or staged as working spaces? Guest bedrooms are the perfect spaces – especially since most of us won’t be having guests for the foreseeable future. You can also use dining rooms, basements, or even renovated closets.

Separate areas

Open concept homes have been popular for many years. But as we tire of spending time indoors, it’s become more important to have separate areas to retreat to for privacy. By creating more distinct areas, each area can have a different feel. It also makes it more difficult for sound to carry. You can carve out new spaces in your open concept home with pocket doors, room dividers, or even curtains hung from the ceiling.

Usable outdoor space

The prospect of spending an entire winter inside can be daunting. For those who live in temperate climates, now is the time to invest a little time and money in upgrades to outdoor spaces. This could include refreshing your landscaping, adding a deck, or installing a pool. For those in colder climates, extend your outdoor season with patio heaters, a new fire pit, or an outdoor hot tub.

A place to exercise

Exercise is more important than ever, but many people are opting out of their gym memberships for the duration of the pandemic. That’s why having a home gym or a place to work out at home is essential for many buyers. If you have a large space to stage a gym, such as a basement, this can be ideal. But simply having a corner where someone can fit a yoga mat or a stationary bike can also be attractive.

An updated laundry room

Finally, cleanliness is top of mind for everyone right now. Having a bright, clean space to do laundry is a high priority for many buyers. We’re washing our clothes more often after going out and cleaning our bedding frequently. Knowing that a laundry room is a space where we’ll spend more time over the winter, it’s important to make it look as nice as possible. This includes upgrading the floor, lighting, walls, and window treatments. Be sure there is plenty of storage space for cleaning items and a place to hang laundry to dry.

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